Nexia teambuilding & Nexia day 2019

03 September 2019
Nexia Dom Greaca 508

On August 8 and 9, Nexia Bucharest and Contanta teams met outside the office to spend 2 days connecting to the values of the company and the people who are part of it. The theme of teambuilding was We Grow Together and Nexia Day 2019 was under the sign of global connection and closeness to customers.

The first exercise was one of resources discovery – qualities and defects through the referential of personal archetypes.

Personal Archetypes referencing is a method that reconnects us to symbols and archetypes and thus gives us the opportunity to remember things about us that we have long forgotten or that we have never been aware of.

Georges Colleuil method of exploration offers a fascinating mirror of self-knowledge and a new opportunity to deepen the hidden potential: resources, shadows, blockages, hesitations, strengths, blessings, hopes, dreams and desires.

Here’s what participants say about how this experience from #NexiaTeambuilding 2019 has contributed:

“Strong reflection on strengths and weaknesses”

“A better understanding of personal resources”

“I found my undiscovered talents “

“A step towards getting rid of shyness”

“It helped me discover things that will help me in the future and that I wasn’t aware of”

The second exercise divided the participants into teams and offered them the chance to create together a logo and slogan for the values they represented. Here’s some wonderful messages that our teams created, in support of our theme #WeGrowTogether:

√ The power is within you

√ in control on the way to success

√ great minds thin alike

√ We will always succeed together

√ nothing beats us, nothing defeats us

The teams played theater, mime and enjoyed a #NexiaDay show – or how the life of tax accountants and consultants looks like in a fun way.

Nexia Dom Greaca 473

The puzzle would not have been complete without teamwork and respect – that’s why we are happy to keep with us each message created by the teams but also the overall picture that reminds us that we are all part of a constantly moving and developing wheel.

In the end, we received diplomas and we were happy to share some thoughts about what NEXIA CRG means and what makes it different as an organization:

➢ humanity

➢ understanding

➢ team work

➢ stability

➢ support

➢ safety

➢ discovery

➢ development

These are the success ingredients that allow us to be there for our clients. And the fact that we are part of an international network of experts has opened the door to new challenges that we are happy to face so well every day.

We grow together and we are always connected to the needs of our clients.

Thank you!

* The complete photo album is available HERE and Nexia Day 2019 movie on our Youtube Nexia Romania channel.