Patrick DE PRYCK

Managing Director, Contec

I had a poor experience with two previous accounting firms in Romania; both did a poor job and left my company\'s financial records in a mess. My experience is that all of CRG NEXIA\'s staff are friendly and very responsive; emails are always answered within 24 hours. Thanks for all of your help

Andrea Tioc

Manager financiar, Marquardt Schaltsysteme S.C.S.

Our company use Nexia as a partner in respect of financial audit services. We appreciate our partnership with Nexia because they understand the needs of a company that is a component of an international group. They have always been prompt on our requests and met the deadlines

Florin Caloianu

Director, Green Gate Development SRL

The relationship with CRG NEXIA can be descrided with quantifiers of excellence : performance indicators: • Pro-active: Excellent; • Communication: Excellent; • Time Management: Excellent; • Price: Reasonable

Camelia Ionita

Financial Director, Gic Nosag Metal SRL

I express my appreciation for the cooperation of our company, GIC NOSAG METAL Ltd, with CRG NEXIA ROMANIA. We chose to be partners with this company, provider of integrated services of:-audit, accounting, tax consulting. Due to the overall quality of services and solutions offered – the CRG Nexia team, through the professionalism of its members, clear, opened and prompt communication, - the CRG NEXIA has always offered support in choosing the best options and solutions to our requests. In conclusion, I warmly recommend CRG NEXIA ROMANIA, as being a professional and reliable collaborator for any company and I appreciate the quality services and flexibility of offered solutions, adapted to economic reality

Dumitru Stefan

General Director, Inscut Bucuresti SA

The collaboration with CRG NEXIA, during the time we worked together, was, in my opinion, very good. I also appreciate that, throughout the year, you have been open to any question, clarification, interpretation, which for us is an important thing. I am convinced that in the future our cooperation will be at least at the same level.

Victoria Gheorghe

HR and Marketing, Ameropa

The NEXIA specialists distinguish themselves not only by experience and professionalism, but also by thorough approach in the documentation. Considering the above mentioned, we give to NEXIA the qualification of \\\" very good \\\" for its performance in the execution of audit services ;it is therefore why we recommend it to all interested in the collaboration with this firm.

Michael Demetriades

Financial controller, Lordos United Plasics Public ltd

I find the business relationship very satisfactory and I always get: - Quick response; - Very good quality of work within the time limits set; -  A very good understanding and help on any problems that arise; -  A very reasonable fees charge.

Ing. Ion Secareanu

General Director, Celco SA

We recommend CRG NEXIA AUDIT Ltd. as a serious and reliable partner; the financial audit services are provided at European standards, in accordance with ethical and quality professional requirements. We drawn up these conclusions after more than 10 years of cooperation between our companies; contracts were completed on time, without confusions or inconsistencies. Operational and prompt execution of financial audits engagements, as well as competitive prices, made us decided to choose SC CRG NEXIA AUDIT Ltd. as a long term partner.

Carmen Ionescu

Economic Director, RIG SERVICE SA

RIG SERVICE SA and CRG NEXIA AUDIT collaboration has meant 8 years of quality service and impeccable promptitude in solving issues related to financial audit and consultancy. We are glad to have them as partners and assure them of our consideration.

Raluca Ionita

Managing Partner, AYG Romania SRL

It was a great pleasure to work with CRG NEXIA Romania for the past year. We had the opportunity to experience a dynamic environment, empowered by professionals who acted as a key asset for our company, providing a trustful know-how by virtue of their personal and professional skills, delivering  the necessary tools and deploying each time an added value. As young entrepreneurs, we found in CRG NEXIA Romania the platform needed for constant development, a platform established on powerful values and principles, openness, guidance and effective communication. Therefore, we are thankful for having had the opportunity to work with an amazing team and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.

Cristian Mihaes

Director, Welde Romania

The collaboration with CRG NEXIA, during the time we worked together, was, in my opinion, very good. I also appreciate that, throughout the year, you have been open to any question, clarification, interpretation, which for us is an important thing. I am convinced that in the future our cooperation will be at least at the same level.

Iulian Frunza

Administrator, Lessoplast

The collaboration with the CRG NEXIA team began in 2004. Although this collaboration refers mainly to the audit of the financial statements for group consolidation purposes, the CRG NEXIA team has supported us whenever we needed guidance on accounting or tax regulations. The pragmatism and speed which accompany their projects are the defining characteristics of CRG NEXIA team. In addition, we appreciate our auditor’s concern for continuous improvement of working with its clients.

Klaus-Simon Dröge

Managing Director, ALBIS Plastic SRL

Albis Plastic SRL is present in Romania since 2008. As a German International company, seriousness, correctness and reliability are very important factors for the business relationship. As Albis Plastic we stay for these qualities and we expect that also from our partners. With CRG NEXIA AUDIT we found an Audit company which works very accurate. Nexia commits to timetables and international Audit forms and rules. We appreciate most with CRG NEXIA AUDIT that they have a long-lasting customer relationship in mind. They propose solutions which help for the future.

DR. Ionica Ciortan

Legal Representative, Iowemed SA

IOWEMED SA benefits from services rendered by CRG Nexia team in respect of audit services, as well as supervision and checking the accounts and monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements. CRG Nexia provides services at the highest level; CRG Nexia specialists noticed themselves through experience, professionalism and efficiency. The suggestions received are of great help in order to optimize the operational management activities. Our collaboration with CRG Nexia team members develops in terms of excellence, with the accounting department of our medical center.

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