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In our experience, we learned that having a trustworthy partner that assists with the alignment of the financial statements can be crucial for multinational companies and international business groups.

Through the financial audit we provide an accurate overview of the audited financial statements, in accordance with the reporting framework that was used.

Customers that chose us as auditors, met their need of consolidating the financial statements in compliance with the reporting deadlines, ensuring the proper functioning of their company network.

Due to the deep understanding of our customer’s needs, we offer tailored solutions and work proactively. This way, stakeholders can always be one step forward in the management of the business financial statements. We value promptitude and we build professional relationships based on efficient communication and transparency.

Audit and Review

Statutory audit

Statutory audit, although it is most often regarded as legal requirement, it is also a tool that can assist management in the decision making process. Our audit work is carried out in accordance with International Auditing Standards, adopted by the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors. Our audit team has access to the best training throughout a process of continuing professional development.

Financial audit in accordance with other reporting framework

In today’s context, with the expansion of multinationals, many companies face the challenge of reporting their financial statements in other frameworks than their own. This is where our expertise comes in. We support companies by performing financial audit engagements in accordance with international frameworks (IFRs) and other specific reporting frameworks (English, French, German, Czech)

Audit of projects

For more than 10 years, our team has successfully audited a series of projects for both private beneficiaries and local authorities. This type of audit is based on exhaustive studies and the deep understanding of the terms in the financial contract. The qualitative aspects of the project are the main focus in testing the compliance of the procedures and requirements set by the terms of the financial contract.

Limited reviews

The review engagement is designed to provide limited assurance on the financial statements, while the audit engagement is designed to provide high assurance.

Assurance Services

Other assurance services engagements may have various objectives, depending on the needs of the beneficiary of such services.


A compilation engagement generally includes setting up the financial statements (complete or not), the collection, classification and synthesis of other financial information.

Due diligence

Due Diligence is a crucial step in the process of acquisition, for both purchasers and vendors. Our detailed analysis of the legal, financial, commercial and operational matters regarding a business give the stakeholders an accurate overview on the benefits and risks involved in a acquisition. This way the investor has the upper hand and can take the best decision regarding the business in question.


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